Animal health insurance

Animal health insurance is standard in many European countries, in Germany a rarity. Dogs, cats and rabbits are diseases and injuries just as we humans are exposed to. The annual costs of regular medical care, including annual health checks, vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick protection are not covered by most insurance policies. Basically, they have with the provider the choice of surgery cost insurance and comprehensive health insurance. Although the former is generally much cheaper, it should be kept in mind that not only surgery but also some rare diseases in diagnosis and treatment can be very costly, especially if they have lifelong treatment, due to the significant advances in veterinary medicine require frequent follow-up visits. Whether it is worth the insurance ultimately decide. If the necessary finances do not exist, health insurance can decide between life and death. Unfortunately, there are not many providers and none of the providers covers all sorts of vet costs. As a matter of principle, it should be paid attention to how high the coverage is and the policy is valid for the entire life of your protegee. Alternatively, it is recommended to open a savings account.